organizzazione-mostreOur studio organises exhibitions and art events at prestigious locations in the Florence area and in many art sites in Italy and abroad. We offer full-round assistance hat begins with the initial contacts with local governments and public and/or private bodies for full implementation of projects and extends to transport and installation of the works – all inclusive of all the necessary paperwork, photographic services, advertising, press office and public relations services, as well as design and printing of invitations and catalogues.

Exhibitions we have organised:


Artistic/technical collaboration and assistance:

  • “Obiettivo Fiesole” Photo Exhibition – Palazzo Comunale Fiesole
  • “Hermann Hesse a Fiesole. Poeta, pittore, viandante” Exhibition – Museo civico archeologico Fiesole
  • “Vecchia Bicicletta Nuova” Exhibition – Museo Civico Archeologico Fiesole
  • ” Primo Conti” Exhibition – Basilica S.Alessandro Fiesole
  • “Le isole del pensiero. Böcklin, de Chirico, Nunziante” Exhibition – Palazzo Comunale Fiesole
  • “Frank Lloyd Wright a Fiesole 100 anni dopo. Dalle colline di Firenze al ‘colle splendente’” Exhibition – Museo Civico Archeologico Fiesole
  • “Il Sacro è il Profano” Marco Tamburro solo exhibition – Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze
  • “La luce della notte” Vincenzo Martini solo exhibition– Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze